Our Twitter project

To help out those new to Twitter and to enhance the social media experience for the risk management and workers’ compensation community, @kimberlyanngeo and @wcmarkwalls created the @OutFrontIdeas #workerscomp Twitter Project.  Our recommendations will lower the burden of entry to Twitter and decrease the learning curve for the industry.


Hashtags connect our conversations.  Attaching a hashtag to your tweet allows others interested in the subject to follow along and engage in the conversation. Enter your hashtag topic of choice to easily find the most current conversations related to your hashtag! Do you have a recommended workers’ compensation or risk management hashtag?  Let us know via a tweet to @OutFrontIdeas.

#safety #pharma #insurance
#benefits #losscontrol #workerscomp
#indemnity #riskmanagement #litigation
#leadership #RMIS #bigdata
#insurancetech #analytics #cybersecurity
#cyberrisk #fraud #claims
#indemnity #expense #medical
#reinsurance #PPO #opioids


What is one of our favorite uses for Twitter? #conferences!  Twitter enhances the conference experience for attendees and those back in their offices wondering what they are missing.  Use of consistent hashtags at industry events allows those interested in the conference to follow along, engage in the conversation, and push out real time updates.  Out Front Ideas will capture and list conferences in the workers’ compensation and risk management industry.  Do you have a conference to include in the Out Front Ideas Twitter project? Tweet us @OutFrontIdeas.

(click on the conference name to visit its site)
Hashtag Dates
PARMA Annual Conference #PARMA17 Feb 12-16, 2017
WCRI Annual Conference #WCRI17 March 2-3, 2017
Advisen Casualty Conference #AdvisenCIC17 April 6, 2017
RIMS Annual Conference #RIMS2017 April 23-26, 2017
Kids Chance Annual Meeting @KidsChanceInc May 6, 2017
Philly “I” Day #PhillyIDay16 April 28, 2016
NCCI Annual Issues Symposium #AIS2017 May 17-19, 2017
SIIA Workers’ Compensation Executive Forum #SIIAWC17 May 25-26, 2016
PRIMA Annual Conference #PRIMAAC17 June 4-7, 2017
URMIA Annual Conference #URMIA16 Sept 18-21, 2016
IAIABC 102nd Annual Convention #IAIABC102 September 26-29, 2016
PCI Annual Meeting #PCIAA16 October 23-26, 2016
California Workers’ Compensation and Risk Conference #CWCRC17 Sept 6-8, 2017
CompLaude Gala #CompLaude16 Nov 4-5, 2016
National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference #NWCDConf Dec 6-8, 2017


As Twitter suggests, when you find an interesting account, feel free to follow it!  When you follow someone, their tweets show up in your feed.  The list of Twitter profiles below is based on #workerscomp and #riskmanagement community engagement.  It should not be considered an endorsement of any of the profiles.

If you would like to suggest other profiles to be added to the Out Front Ideas with Kimberly and Mark Twitter project, please tweet your suggestion to @OutFrontIdeas.

We suggest you follow:

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