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Managing the Challenges of Civil Unrest


Tuesday, June 22, 2021

11 A.M - 12 P.M Central

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Over the last year, many communities have faced large riots and protests that destroyed public and private property and resulted in hundreds of injuries.

In this complimentary Out Front Ideas with Kimberly and Mark webinar, Kimberly George and Mark Walls will lead a panel discussion looking at the lessons learned from responding to these events and how risk managers can be better prepared in the future.


Attendees will learn:

  • How risk managers can better prepare for civil unrest.
  • Risk management challenges emerging from past occurrences.
  • How to manage the property loss exposures associated with civil unrest.
  • What to do after an event occurs.
  • And more!

Anas Al-hamwi

Sr. Director Occupational Health & Injury Management


Renata Elias

Sr. Vice President, Consulting Solutions


Barry Scott

Deputy Director of Finance, Risk Manager

City of Philadelphia

Tom Simoncic

President, Property Americas